TOUCHED BY ALOPECIA?  We're here for you.


The psychological experiences reported by women with alopecia (hair loss) reveal that its impact is a matter that should never be taken lightly nor dismissed as pure vanity.  The anguish and pain is real.


Be vocal, be visible, get involved - every step brings us a little further in transforming perceptions about alopecia and the role hair plays, specifically for females, in our society.

VERSIDA stands for Vibrant Evolving Resilient...Simply Inimitable Despite Alopecia!


VERSIDA offers programs and support, provided free of charge, to assist women with navigating life with Alopecia in an image concious world that does not yet fully understand what that entails.   Our educational, lifestyle, social and wellness programs are tailored specifically for adult females impacted by alopecia.


Real life support for women with alopecia because REAL is better!

Sustained by community, women of all colors, classes and cultures with alopecia come together to encourage, educate and empower one another through shared experiences.  Real life support from others who truly understand what you are going through because they are going throught it themselves is immeasurable.  It is our hope that every female, young or mature, with alopecia will realize that she is indeed VERSIDA!


If you are a woman with alopecia in need of a compassionate community to travel this road with you or would like to know how you can support a female in your life with Alopecia please contact us.  While you may feel alone, you are not, we are here for you.



VERSIDA is a registered non-profit in the state of Pennsylvania

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