Our Founder

Sabrina Nunn


“VERSIDA is my purpose, the work that I do is exceedingly personal.  To eradicate the secrecy, silence and stigma of hair loss in women –to end the hidden pain, heal our way toward happiness and unveil our beauty which is not what society has taught us to believe it is.  Beauty is something more organic and immeasurable and inclusive of all women.”

Our Mission


Alopecia (hair loss) is without a doubt life-altering and for many devastating.  Our mission is two-fold.  First and foremost is to present programs that are supportive, informative and entertaining providing an opportunity for women with alopecia in all its forms and stages to connect with one another in an atmosphere that is compassionate, respectful and inspiring intended to positively change how we, women with alopecia, cope with the condition as well as feel about and view ourselves.


Secondly, to advance public awareness through information and imagery encouraging the perception of females with alopecia as another form of beauty and femininity, the new normal because we are Vibrant Evolving Resilient…Simply Inimitable Despite Alopecia.

Our Vision


VERSIDA hopes to eliminate the stigma experienced by those with alopecia by steering public perception in a direction that promotes understanding and acceptance. 


We envision through social support and awareness that the importance of hair in our society is relegated to a position where it is regarded as an accessory, not a necessity, and more importantly not what makes a woman feminine nor beautiful.

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